The Firm

The Firm

Waldman IP Law was formed in 2007 with an eye towards effectively and efficiently serving clients engaged in a wide range of technologies.

Waldman IP Law offers a rare combination of legal excellence in all aspects of transactional IP law, as well as technical depth and breadth in such fields as computer hardware and software, telephony, electrical engineering, electromechanical engineering, medical devices, and financial services.

We maintain only experienced attorneys and agents to mine and develop our clients’ innovations into a strategic patent portfolio having a depth and breadth to maximize coverage and value the client.

We pride ourselves on delivering every product highly polished and on time. Clients will never have to send a reminder or inquiry regarding a late product, and will never receive a product that looks like an unmade bed or like it was thrown over the wall at the last minute. We do not use junior attorneys or train attorneys using client’s work, we do not regard any work as loss-leader work, and we do not view any client as second-tier while hoping that a more desirable client comes along.

Because of our vast experience both in industry, at larger firms, and in-house, we know the value of communication as well as the proper amount of communication and the value of a client’s time. Clients hear from us about a work item when necessary, but we don’t pester clients with unnecessary questions or requests. We hit the ground running, and don’t waste our time or our client’s time.

Because we limit our practice exclusively to IP law, and to a relatively small number of clients, we can provide individualized high-quality service to our clients. Our credo is to provide superior experience and service to our clients.

Our professional team of electrical and electromechanical engineering specialists are skilled in all practical areas of electronics and mechanics, computer hardware, software design and development, digital and analog communications and instrumentation, network-based interactive technologies, data compression, digital rights management, business methods, and Internet data management and systems.

With respect to billing content and procedures, Waldman IP Law provides prompt, detailed billing reports that can serve as a complete and accurate record of the work done. Clients are thus able to readily determine that tasks are completed, how they were completed, by whom, and when.

We work with a client to provide the billing approach that best fits the client’s needs. Generally, we prefer flat fees or cap fees for predictable IP transactional work, such as new patent application drafting and Office Action responses. For other matters, we will normally provide an accurate work description and cost estimate for each significant task, before it starts. Hourly rates may be used for a particular project.

If special billing procedures are desired, we will be happy to work with a client to achieve its desired result.

We will not offer clients contingency fees, a discount with success bonuses, or fees taken as ownership interest in a company or property.