Our Services

Our Services

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Our focus is on patent preparation and prosecution. We have prepared and prosecuted applications ranging from complex electrical circuits and systems to business methods. We are experienced in building well-rounded portfolios to protect all aspects of your inventions. In addition, we have extensive experience with examiner interviews and appellate practice to expedite the prosecution of your patent applications. Our patent practice areas include:

  • Analog and digital circuits and systems
  • Telecommunications hardware and systems
  • Consumer products and mobile electronic devices, including multimedia devices
  • Video compression and processing, including encoding and decoding of video and multimedia
  • Semiconductor devices and circuits
  • Wireless accessories and devices
  • Cable equipment and infrastructures
  • Photographic equipment and cameras
  • Software and embedded firmware systems and methods
  • Open Source Software
  • Local and Wide Area Wireless Networks and network infrastructure, including wireless data transmission
  • Standards, including Telecom (e.g. UMTS, 3GPP, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, LTE)
  • Position and location, sensors, and augmented reality
  • Business methods
  • Medical devices


We work with our clients to evaluate how their intellectual property assets fit into their business strategy so that investments made in IP protection yield the highest possible return. Our counseling services enable clients to steer clear of pitfalls, avoid potential litigation, capture the full value of intangible assets, and maximize the return on investments in intellectual assets.


Our legal and technical experience and our background in the business of exploiting technology and IP assets bring our clients a strategic advantage. We help our clients leverage their patents, trade secrets, know-how, etc. to generate revenue streams, open new markets, or shut down competitors.

Opinions of Counsel

We render opinions ranging from a single opinion on a specific patent to providing long-term, ongoing counseling on complex patent portfolios or litigation. We routinely address patent validity, enforceability, misuse, design-around issues, licensing potential, IP contract construction and enforcement, and export controls. We regularly partner with our clients’ legal, business, and technical staff to identify the potential for risk and reward, from idea to revenue-generating portfolios.